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Warning: 2P!Hetalia, so expect blood and creepy talk.

   You were a trade for mastermind Luciano Vargas. An evil man with odd colored eyes and a switchblade hobby for young women. When the law put him out of business with his partners in crime, he had no choice to yield to it or face prison. Since everyone is scared of him, no one dares to kill him. His new hobby of making a "contract", where he keeps a person for a week to be his servant, comes to you when you trade yourself for your little sister's place at Luciano's mansion. But Luciano feels something he never felt before. You are not just one of the girls that he's taken as a servant or killed before. Is this a sickness? Who is this mysterious man whose personality ranges from cold to killer? Will you live to find out?

"Good night, ___________." Lizzie said, hugging you on the stairs and going into her room.
   "Night, Liz." You called to her before going into your own room.
   You didn't get to sleep until late that night. You were restless and you just wanted to sink into your covers and disappear but you didn't. You sighed and closed your eyes.
   Then you heard a scream. You shot up and ran to your sister's room. Your parents opened up their door and ran down the hall. You and your parents knew that the scream was indeed Lizzie's. You heard something crash and one more scream that was stifled before you opened the door. The window was open and two messages were carved into the wallpaper.

                                                           I find the moonflowers and pick them at midnight

                                                           Black flowers are the best for a casket

   The FBI was at your house by morning to help find your sister. As soon as you told the local police what happened, they wasted no time going to higher authority.
   "We know the man that took her." One FBI agent said, sitting next to your family at the kitchen table.
   Your mother and father started crying with relief and you sighed.
   "Who took her?" Your father asked.
   The agent frowned. "Well…he's well known for this kind of capture."
   "Who?" You asked.
   "His name is Luciano Vargas." The man pulled out a computer. "The message that he left on the wall is typical of his kidnaps. The message below is the message of the person who actually kidnapped your daughter. His name is Chiku and he works under Luciano along with a man named Luzifer." He showed your family pictures of other kidnap messages left on the walls of the kidnapped people's rooms. Some rooms had alternate massages at the bottom. The notes were: "Red flowers are the best for a murder" and "White flowers are the best for a funeral".
   "Where does he live? How come he's not in jail yet?" Your father said, outraged.
   "It's a long story." The agent said. "We tried to arrest him but everyone that went on the raid…died. We've tried to snipe him but somehow he always gets away." The man sighed. "For lack of better words, this man is terrifying. He plays games with the police and FBI and drives many of his victims to suicide out of the psychological pressure."
   "And my sister is with this man?" You said, near tears again. You had been crying all day long.
   "We're going to call him and see if we can make a deal with him. Lots of times he will exchange the captures for ransom money and no prison time." The agent said.
   "I got him!" Someone else yelled.
   The agent jumped up from the table. "Follow me. Get someone to track the call!"
   You flew into the living room. Your house phone was on the floor next to a big machine that was recording the call as well as tracking where it was coming from.
   "Luciano Vargas? Are you there?" The agent that was with you in the kitchen asked the phone. The phone was on speakerphone.
   "Hm, yes." A bored voice said on the other end.
   "Do you have Elizabeth (l/n) in your possession?" The agent asked.
   "I do." The voice said.
   You pushed the agent away. "Where is she?" You yelled. "Where's Lizzie?"
   The voice chuckled darkly. "You must be the older one!"
   "Give her to us!" You yelled again.  
   "Not yet." The voice said. "Now be a good little girl and hand the phone to the FBI. I need to work out a deal with them."
   "No!" You yelled. Another agent pulled you away and sat you in the kitchen.
   "Maybe it would be better if you stayed here." The agent said. He walked away.
   You put your head in your hands and started to cry.

   The news crew arrived before you did. After the phone call, the FBI and your parents figured out a deal with Mr. Vargas. You would meet at his house and work out the final decisions for what you needed to do to get Lizzie back.
   You gasped when you got out of the FBI van that took you to Vargas' house. The house was the mansion behind the iron gate! Luciano probably saw you and your sister heading home and had that Chiku person that left the message stalk you! The news cameras were in your face, newscasters blaring on about "Mr. Vargas' last victim" and stuff like that. You didn't care. You let an FBI agent open up the gate and you walked up to the front door. You gripped the package that you held behind your back. Three agents trailed behind, guns in hand. Your father patted your shoulder.
  You walked up to the door and an agent knocked. The door opened and a tall, blonde man stood there. He was wearing a white wife-beater shirt with an army jacket draped over his shoulders. He stood aside and you all entered the mansion.
   The first room was a round entrance room with a grand staircase that led to an upper level. On top of the stairs was a man sitting in a chair and another man that held the hand of Lizzie. The man in the chair wore a tan military suit and had brown-red hair. The man holding your sister's hand wore a black military suit.
   The man in the tan military suit snapped his fingers and the man in the black suit walked your sister down the stairs. You broke into a run, despite the yelling from your family and the FBI agents. Your sister broke away from the man and you both hugged midway up the stairs. You broke down into tears and your sister did the same.
   "Lizzie, it's ok." You said.
   "I was so scared." Liz said. "You weren't here."
   "It's ok." You said. "I'm here now." You handed your sister the package.
   Your sister sat down on the stairs and opened it right there. You sat down besides her and wrapped your arms around your little sister. "My dress! It came in!"
   "I know." You smiled at your sister.
   "It's so pretty." Your sister said. She felt the smooth blue material that was in the box.
   "How sweet." A voice said.
   You looked up to see the man in the tan suit looking down at you. You didn't know when he decided to walk down the stairs. Every step he made was silent and he walked like a careful cat that was hunting a mouse. He gave you a smile that made you shiver and cling onto Lizzie tighter.
   "Maybe, Elizabeth, you could come back here some day and pretend to be Cinderella in that lovely dress you have there." The man said, bending down so his purple-red eyes were level with Elizabeth's eyes. He gave your sister a sweet smile.
   You wanted to rip his throat out right there. Your arm tightened around your sister.
   "Yes Mr. Vargas." Your sister giggled. "Your house is very pretty."
   Your mouth dropped. She was ok with this man? How? Why?
   "Now, Lizzie, you better go with the nice men in the black outfits over there." He nodded at the FBI agents.
   "Yes sir." Lizzie bounced down the steps. An agent at the door took your sister's hand and started to lead her out the door to the van. Luciano straightened.
   "What did you do to her?" You growled up at the man.
   You felt pain in your hand and you looked down to see the heel of the man's boot crushing your fingers.
   "Don't. Scare. The. Child." He said in a low voice and behind clenched teeth.
   He lifted his foot off your fingers. He smiled fondly at the FBI and your parents. "Now! What shall we do next? My part of the deal is done."
   "What do you want?" An agent asked.
   Luciano smiled. At last, he could get down to business. "I have no use for a little one around here…but I could always use a big one."
   You gasped. The agents raised their guns.
   "Like hell I'll give you my older daughter!" Your father yelled.
   Luciano took out a switchblade he had from his pocket. Chiku and Luzifer became tense, ready for any command Luciano had. "Three agents against the three of us!" He yelled to the FBI agents. "You know how this went down the last time, remember? Don't touch us and we won't touch you."
   "You never said this was part of the deal." One agent said.
   "I told you: you would come here to this place and we would work it out." Luciano rubbed his head. "Why must you all be so difficult?"
   "It will never happen!" Your mother said. "What will you do with her?"  
   "Things a little one couldn't do." Luciano said, a dark smile playing at his lips. Your body froze, as if cold stone had wrapped itself around your body. That dark smile along with his words made you want to run but you found yourself stuck to your spot on the stairs.
  "No! I won't let you rape our daughter!" Your father yelled. "____________, get over here!"
   You tried to run down the stairs but Luciano held your arm, keeping you where you were.
   "Rape? Goodness, get your minds out of the gutter." Luciano frowned. He tsked the people and sighed as you tried to pull away. You realized escape was useless. You made sure you were as far away as possible as Luciano continued to hold your arm in a death grip. "We always could use extra help around this place." He snapped his fingers and said: "How about we set up a contract?" The way he said it let everyone know that this was scripted. He knew the break down of what was going to happen from the very start.
   "You remember the others, don't you?" He asked the FBI. "We make a contract." He acted like the FBI agents were stupid; he drawled out every word and made sure everyone was paying attention. "I keep her for a week. After that week, we make another trade, probably for money or guns or something and she goes."
   "What will you do to her?" Your mother asked.
   "I think you already asked that, dear." Luciano said. "But anyways, I'll have her do the chores, cleaning, etc." Luciano pulled your arm and you stumbled closer to him. He grabbed your chin with a black-gloved hand and pulled your chin so you looked him in the eye. His eyes saw right through your soul. "Just like Cinderella, hm?" His thumb rubbed a circle on your cheek and his grip on your arm tightened.  
   "What if she runs away?" An agent asked.
   "What if we don't get the money in time?" Another agent said.
   "If she runs away…" Luciano smiled. "Let's just say the coffin will be smaller than expected." He leaned in close to you. "Maybe one that would fit a smaller child." His hot breath on your ear and cheek had a hint of a wine smell to it, making you want to pull away even more.
   You gasped. "I-I'll do it! I'll stay!"
   Luciano let go of your arm and clapped his hands. "Lovely! It's all falling into place! I love this! As for the trade when the contract is over: I'll keep her longer until the contract on your side is filled out."
   "We'll do whatever it takes." Your father said. "Please don't hurt her."
   "Well, I'll give you one day to say goodbye. Go home and pack up your things." He pushed your back and you tripped down the stairs, managing to stay upright and not completely fall.
   "Whoopsie. Be careful there." Luciano said. "I don't like getting broken dolls."
   You ran to your mother and father and hugged them both, breaking down into tears.
   "We can run." Your mother whispered. "We'll run tonight and get away from here so we don't have to go through with this-"
   "Be careful if you try to escape." Luciano said. "You never know who might be watching, right Chiku?" He smiled at his friend at the top of the stairs, who just nodded. "We don't like it when contracts are broken."
   Luciano waved. "Bye bye, now! Tell little Elizabeth that Luci said goodbye!"
   You spat on the floor and walked out of the house. The news crews and schoolmates were waiting at the gate. The cameras started flashing and people yelled at the small entourage that left the house.
   You turned to see Gilbert and Alfred waving at you. You waved back and sent a quick text that said 'meet me at my place asap'. You watched as Alfred and Gilbert got the text. They nodded at their phones, then at you and then took off down the road away from the mob at the gate to meet you when you got back home.
I'm putting the description at the beginning of every chapter because I know I get tired of trying to find the first part of a fic just to find out what it's about. :)

Longer chapter, so I hope this holds you guys off for a while. I've got lots of homework to do so I probably won't update until Sunday or Monday.

Ch.1: [link]
Ch.2: With Slenderman but it's ok; you can ask him for it since he's behind you. :)
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Ch.9: [link]

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You are a servant of :icon2pitaly: :iconsaysplz: "Problem, sweet?"
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I actually thought of that problem after I wrote this chapter and I came up with a few ideas:
1: the reason the FBI knew it was Luciano is because this story takes place so close to his home and that saying on the wall is his phrase. They concluded that the nature of the kidnaping and the phrase and location put Luciano as the first suspect.
2: Any copycat killers only really know the first phrase since it is the one that usually gets published by the media; but Luciano has a second one for each person that does the actual kidnapping (this time it was Chiku). Most copycats forget this second phrase so they are called out on it.
3: Luciano is the kind of person who gives credit where it is due. If a copycat killer if found, Luciano has no problem confessing that he didn't kill that person. If he didn't, the FBI would bother him for a person that he doesn't have.
Hope this answers your questions!
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