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October 22, 2012
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Warning: 2P!Hetalia, so expect blood and creepy talk.

   You were a trade for mastermind Luciano Vargas. An evil man with odd colored eyes and a switchblade hobby for young women. When the law put him out of business with his partners in crime, he had no choice to yield to it or face prison. Since everyone is scared of him, no one dares to kill him. His new hobby of making a "contract", where he keeps a person for a week to be his servant, comes to you when you trade yourself for your little sister's place at Luciano's mansion. But Luciano feels something he never felt before. You are not just one of the girls that he's taken as a servant or killed before. Is this a sickness? Who is this mysterious man whose personality ranges from cold to killer? Will you live to find out?

   "I said put her down." Luciano snarled.
   Both Luciano and Luzifer were standing at the base of the stairs; they were tense, ready for a fight. There was a dark look that Luciano gave Chiku that sent chills down your spine at the sight.
   Chiku gripped your hair harder. You yelled in pain as your scalp burned.
   "You've gone soft." Chiku said in a cold voice. "You aren't half the man that you used to be." He patted your chin, looking down at you. "You let the law rule you. If you aren't going to fulfill your part, then I demand the girl be mine!"
   Luciano took out his knife. "You have five seconds." He said, flicking out the blade.
   "So kill me." Chiku said. "You know you hired me only because I was a match in your strength but I didn't have the guts to compete with your mind. Well if you're going to change, I will too!" He grabbed the surgical knife from his worktable. "I need blood. I need fresh blood spilled as much as you used to need it!"
   Luciano threw his knife, hitting Chiku in the hand that was holding the knife. Chiku coiled back but not before his reflexes against the pain drove the knife into your upper thigh. You screamed loudly and shrilly.
   Luciano bit his lip against the sound. It curled his blood and made his ears ring. Never before had he heard a scream so powerful and high. Or maybe the scream just hit a different part of his heart than the other girls who screamed.  
   Chiku covered your mouth. Hot tears rolled down your face and over Chiku's hand. His grip made you swear your jaw would break. Luzifer lunged at Chiku and tore him away from you, taking Chiku's knife with him. You yelled again as the knife left your skin. Luzifer threw you against the wall. You slammed into the wall and slid down it, yelling in pain and grabbing your thigh. You looked up to see Luciano joining the fight. Luzifer and Luciano reeled back and attacked Chiku.
   Their fighting was uncontrolled. They fought dirty, grabbing at hair and clothes, blindly slashing, hitting and kicking. They looked like a pack of dogs fighting over a scrap of meat. They yelled and snarled and rolled on the ground.
   Chiku got Luciano underneath him and slammed Luciano's head on the ground before reeling back, surgical knife in hand. Luzifer pulled Chiku off by his hair. Luciano kicked Chiku in the gut, making Chiku fall into Luzifer, before grabbing Chiku by the clothes and dragging him down again. Chiku slashed Luciano in the face with his little knife. Luciano yelled in anger and struck Chiku across the face. Luzifer dragged Luciano off of Chiku. Luciano put a boot to Chiku's chest and as soon as Chiku was flat on the ground, Luciano moved his foot to Chiku's throat. Chiku gasped for breath and tried to take Luciano's foot off of his windpipe. Luciano snapped his fingers and Luzifer kneeled on the ground near Chiku's head and wrestled both of Chiku's hands to the ground. Chiku struggled for breath.
   "Repent your judgment!" Luciano roared.
   "N…Never!" Chiku choked out.
   "Do you want to die? Or how about worse? How about I send you back to that hell-hole in Japan where you came from?! Huh?!" Luciano screamed. You covered your ears against the loud voice.
   "No!" Chiku gasped. "Don't…send…me…back."  
   Luciano took his heel and dug it into Chiku's windpipe. Chiku tried to cough but all that came out was a bit of spit.
   "We had a deal. Remember?" Luciano said. "What was it?"
   Chiku was silent. Luciano leaned down and slapped Chiku across the face.
   "What was the deal?" Luciano screamed.
   "We…wouldn't…hurt her…" He gasped.
   "Yes. And you broke it." Luciano said. He got off of Chiku's windpipe and walked over to the pictures on the wall. He tore them off and ripped them up. Chiku closed his eyes and gulped for air. Luciano threw the pictures in the fire nearby.
   "Don't ever betray me again." Luciano said. "I told you the last time you did this that I'd get rid of your trophies and now I'm following through. If you betray me once more, I'll send you back."
   "Yes." Chiku said.
  "Yes sir!" Luciano yelled.
   "Yes sir." Chiku said.
   "Luzifer, take Chiku away." Luciano said.
   Luzifer led Chiku upstairs. Luciano turned to your form.
  You were curled up against the wall, blood pooling at your feet from your wound and your blood covered hands clutching your head, covering your ears. You were shaking like a leaf and trying to think of anything but where you were. Tears rolled down your closed eyes and your face, you didn't dare to wipe them away and expose your ears to the yelling that you thought was still going on.  
   Luciano kneeled besides your form and touched your shoulder. You gave a noise that was somewhere between a whimper and a groan behind gritted teeth. Your body curled up and away from Luciano. His hand reeled back and he gulped. Why did you look so afraid? He and the boys often had squabbles like this. They ended in a day and whoever made the mistake learned it. It was brutal but they all came from a brutal background so this wasn't a big deal to them.
   Hesitantly, he took off one of his gloves and touched your face with his hand. You froze and your eyes shut even tighter than they were before. Luciano slowly uncovered one of your ears. You braced yourself to be hit or yelled at, not sure of which man this was. You ruled out Luzifer since Luzifer's hands were bigger.
   "It's fine." Luciano said. "It's over."
   Your eyes flew open and you turned your head to look up at Luciano's eyes.
  "It's over." Luciano said again.
   You pulled your hand away from Luciano's and stood up, yelling in pain and limping because of your leg. Luciano reached out to you to help you stand. It was funny to watch you struggle but it would probably eat up his time trying to watch you get up the stairs. You pulled away from Luciano's touch.
   "Get away from me!" You screamed. You ran away from Luciano's arms as he reached for you. You turned, out of arm distance. Luciano froze, unsure of how to react to you.
   "I'm trying to help!" Luciano growled. He stepped towards you.
   "No!" You yelled, breaking down into sobs. You backed up and gritted your teeth against the pain in your leg from moving. "Don't touch me!"
   "Just calm down!" Luciano yelled. Why, why did you always act like this?! Why were you so against him? What did he ever do to you?
   He grabbed your arm and you screamed that terrible scream that he hated. Shrill and loud. He let go and you fell backwards onto your bad leg.
   "Don't come near me, you monster!" You yelled.
   Luciano froze. "M-Monster?" He asked, his voice soft and unsure, for once in his life. That was the first time he heard that word from your lips. He heard it on the news. From his victims. From the families and the police. Never from you.
   "Yes!" You turned to him, a new fire burning in your red eyes. "You monster! You killer!"
   Luciano's Adam's apple bobbed in his throat. "Wait…"
   You glared at him. "I. Hate. You."
   Luciano felt like he just came out of the fight with Chiku. Ouch. Those words hurt. They hurt and he didn't know why. His body throbbed with pain with every pointed word you said. He stood there, his one gloved hand clutching his other glove tightly.
   You struggled to get up and Luciano stood there, frozen. You tried your best to get up the stairs of the basement. You collapsed in the main circular parlor by the door, the shiny marble that you polished the day before soiled with your blood, turning the golden stones red. You got up and ran to your room. You locked the door and pushed a dresser against it. You paused, your adrenaline wearing off. You slowly backed away from the door and sat down on your bed. You sobbed openly and pulled a pillow cover off of a pillow and put it against your leg to stop the bleeding.
   Meanwhile, Luciano was still frozen to the spot in the basement. He slowly turned and looked at the trail of blood you left. He turned and found the pool of blood against the wall. He slowly walked over to it and bent down. He reached out his ungloved hand hesitantly, as if your blood would scream at him too. He felt the warm liquid between his fingers. It was your blood. It was your blood that you spilled because he was careless about the rules he set down for Chiku. He put his whole hand in the blood and curled it into a fist. He looked at his blood-covered hand. It was a monster's hand.  Just like you called him. He took off his other glove and laid that hand in the blood. Slowly, he curled up on his side, the side of his face in the red blood. He closed his eyes and felt the warm liquid under his hands and on his face, the red colored pain and sadness soaking into his clothes. He didn't care. He was a monster, after all.
Brain? What are you thinking brain?! I'm not sure how this chapter got so deep but it did...

On another note, A on my midterm! :iconitalyraveplz:

So will Reader-chan stay at the mansion? Will she forgive the man who saved her yet terrified her at the same time? Will Author-chan stop asking questions? We will see...

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Cover art~: [link]

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to :icon2pitaly-plz:
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LunaAngel-Eclipse Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I feel bad now. But not for myself, for Luci and Chiku. I feel sorry for Luci for the obvious, bit poor Chiku, he just has one problem after the other. And he was actually nice-ish.
TicciTimber Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
Aww I feel bad for luciano No one should be called a monster and when I say no one I MEAN NO ONE
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So kawaii - loves the creepy was-
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DoctorWhoCutie Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
This is it if it were me:

You were curled up against the wall, blood pooling at your feet from your wound and your blood covered hands clutching your head, covering your ears. You were shaking like a leaf and trying to think of anything but where you were. You smiled. Holding a knife. In a scratchy voice you said, "Do you wanna know my secret~?" And you stabbed him. You then said "Looks like I showed him too hard~! I  AM  J E N N A  G H O S T  A . K . A        J E N N Y  C A S K E T
CrazyHetaliaLover13 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I LOST THE GAME!!! F*** you, but great story.
LunaAngel-Eclipse Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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I think it's weird that I'm listening to Smooth Criminal - Glee Cast while I'm also reading this.

It kinda brings the right feeling.. I guess
kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow that fight was intense. Poor Luci my words hurt him but m reaction makes sense
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Wen I saw the you're not half the man upu used to be part I was like. DEAD MARCO JOKES EVERYWHEERRE
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